25,000 Green Thanks for 2012


    Welcome to 2013. It’s 11 days into the new year αnd I finally get some time to make a quick post, thanks to motherhood. I have been on maternity break and I apologize for not announcing my big miracle here. My pretty princess came in October.

    Here’s saying a big thank you for being with us in 2012. We had 8,353 visitors between July(1st month of blogging) and December of 2011, then it grew to an amazing 25,000 visitors in 2012, even though we had only 6 active months out of 12. The inactive 6 were months I gave to motherhood.  I am very grateful.  May 2013 be greener for you and I.

     Find full report below.


    Lots of  appreciation from the African elephants, monkeys, giraffes, trees, rivers, air, land, forests, birds, people and the entire nature .


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