Announcing a Green Internship Programme


    The Green Internship Programme is designed as an on-the-job experience for young people who are passionate about building a career in the “Green Space” and young people who will also be interested in starting their own Green ventures and initiatives. The programme will comprise a green-focused employability training, and a 6 months internship with a green focused organization; Private or Non-Profit, and an opportunity to get retained on the job based on performance during the 6 months internship. Interns who upon their 6 months internship would be interested in starting their own Green initiative would be encouraged and supported to do so with assistance by the project development partners.

    The Green Internship programme is a Pilot that will host 10 bright young Nigerians who are keen on achieving a truly green Nigeria. Organizations involved in hosting these 10 bright young Nigerians will have the opportunity to groom the next “Green” Leaders who will through their organizations champion the green revolution. Host organizations will be recognized and contributions acknowledged by our partner.

    This programme is proudly supported by Henrich Boll Foundation Nigeria.

    Key Goal

    The key goal of this programme is to inspire and empower 10 young Nigerians with employability skills and a-6months green internship placement in a bid to encourage their contribution to achieving a green Nigeria.


    The Green Internship programme is designed for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old who are interested in building a career in the “green space”.

    The Process

    Employability Skills Training:
    A 2-day training that encompasses what technically defines workplace competences. The training will also give a brief introduction into the concept of a green economy. This training will be delivered in Abuja.

    Skills Assessment and Profiling:
    All interns will take a specially designed TALENTS AND INTELLIGENCE TYPE ASSESSMENT to ensure that interns are properly matched to host organizations. This will aid easy identification of Interns’ skills and personality by prospective host organizations; demonstrating tremendous value to their host organizations. A summary of profiles of prospective interns will be placed on a website for easy access by corporate organizations.

    Interns will be placed with a Green focused organization; Non-Profit or Private organizations, for a period of 6 months. During the 6 months internship, interns will be evaluated on a monthly basis in consultation with their host organization.

    Benefit to Interns:

    Increases chances of being walking into a full-time job placement
    Opportunity to acquire on-the-job skills and develop existing ones
    Opportunity to build professional network and gain valuable experience over a 6month period
    Opportunity to secure funding and support for your dream “Green Project”
    Application & Selection:
    Interested candidates are expected to fill the application form here. Application closes on the 24th November 2014. Successful candidates will then be informed and invited for our employability skills training.


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