Saving for our Children


    This boy is just 2 years old. When I see children , I often wonder what their world would be like in many years to come. Would they have resources for themselves? Especially with the way we waste and abuse the inheritances we should be leaving them?

    Children in Somali are already starving to death. Countless more around the world including Nigeria, cannot find clean water, their homes are submerged and swallowed up. Water flooding, sand dunes advancing, erosion swallowing, sun scotching and so many more. The changing and now unfair climate. Is that the environment we have left for them?
    From Kinat, Plateau State
    From Kinat, Plateau State

    I keep wondering. What kind of earth are we leaving for our children?Don’t just save money for your children , save earth for all the Children.

    It is in the Little Life-Style Changes
    Reduce, Re-use, RecycleAda Ori ukwu anu


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