7Billion People…..and still wasting.


    I was at a wedding over the weekend, and it was really fun. We are having so much fun in our spaces that we forget many can’t find food let alone funds for a party. We also  forget that the number of people on this planet has hit 7Billion and still counting. With this number, lots and lots of people have not yet found it necessary to reduce how much  they waste food, water, energy etc. After the wedding, I took these photos of so much food left on the tables to be trashed.

    I don’t understand how someone consciously takes so much more than s/he can consume. Is it a status thing (you are rich when you don’t empty your plate), sheer  greed or outright foolishness?

    Remember that earth is really big , but not that big to accommodate our wastage. So much pressure on earths’ resources is already biting  back at us.


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