AFF kicks off regional workshop on African Forestry in Lome, Togo


    There is a growing demand for detailed information and knowledge on forestry in Africa as more stakeholders take steps towards developing and implementing Forestry Compartible Development (FCD).

    This demand for information and knowledge is needed for influencing policy-making, investment decisions, monitoring impact of a diversity of changes amongst others.

    While African Forest Forum has recently put together considerable information on various aspects of forestry to meet this demand, it becomes important to create a platform aimed at sharing the information, knowledge and experiences among African experts in this field and the media. Hence, the 2016 African Forestry Forum.


    In organising a regional workshop of this kind, AFF seeks to provide a forum for dialogue to enhance collaboration and mechanisms of sharing experiences in the African continent on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM).

    It also hopes to create a strengthened network of African experts on SFM and forestry related climate issues in the continent.

    The event which is taking place in Lome, Togo for 5 days from 26 – 30 Sept is expected to draw about 70 participants from across several stakeholders on the issue in sub-Saharan Africa.


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