”EARTH’S CALL” – poem by Jennifer Chidera Okoro


    It’s not just the world around us

    It’s the world we live in

    Yet we treat her like we’ve got somewhere better

    “But I didn’t throw bombs on her” says the one who thinks he is eco hurt free

    “I didn’t spill the oil in the ocean” says another who considers herself uninvolved in environmental pollution

    “But you threw garbage on me” says the earth 

    “You burnt grasses and fell trees” says nature

    “You used chemicals on me, now you blame me for being infertile” cries the farm

    The earth calls out “You could’ve conveniently dropped your garbage in a waste bin but you preferred the drainage, yet you complain that the roads are flooded”

    “I’d be happy if you feed me to the farms” says the biodegradable waste, “they need me more”

    “I would be more useful if you recycle me”, says the plastic waste, “I’m a complete nuisance in the drainage, sea and lands

    Yes I may be waste, but you’ll be amazed at the wealth I could create for you, if you channeled me properly, however, you choose to remain ignorant and blame the other person for the damage your ignorance contributed”.

    This is a call out to all of us

    (Y)our little actions and inactions contribute to the health and damage of Mother Nature so collectively, let’s save her. 

    There is no planet B.

    Our earth, Our health

    Our waste, Our wealth.


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