Expert cautions against use of antibiotics to treat fish


    Mr Remi Ahmed, the national president, Tilapia Aquaculture Development Association of Nigeria (TADAN), on Wednesday warned fish farmers against the use of antibiotics on their products.

    Ahmed, a culturing expert, said in Lagos that instead of antibiotics, farmers should consider the use of probiotics. He described probiotic as a food or other substance that contained bacteria, and could be used in a positive way to improve health.

    It also had various health benefits, Ahmed said.

    The official said that when antibiotic was administered too often on fish, it would make the bad bacteria to develop resistance to probiotics.

    He said that the WHO’s publication of October 2015 explained how Norway avoided antibiotics in fish farming.

    The report said that the abuse of antibiotics could speed up the development of antibiotics resistance in fish or human, he said.

    Hence, Ahmed said that for the export of fishes to the European Union countries, farmers should avoid the use of antibiotics.


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