Fashion, Diversity, Planet

Fashion, Diversity, Planet

The fashion industry should ensure that the planet is considered and of course, diversity is important in make the world better. Helena De Jesus @helenade.jesus from Mozambican/Italian was the first successful black supermodel in the 80s/90s gracing the covers of “Vogue” “Grazia” “Elle” and many others, even before the arrival of Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell. She is currently an Ambassador for Equal Opportunities of African Fashion Gate.Cameroonian/Italian @michellengonmo is the founder of @afwmilano who fought to include designers of colour in Italy’s Milan Fashion Week. The success saw@joymeribe Nigerian/Italian was born and rasied in Aba, Nigeria. Joy, alongside four other designers of color finally make it to the prestigious fashion event in February, 2021. We discuss inclusivity and sustainability.

Watch video here.


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