Gisele Bundchen’s heartfelt message


    ‘When we damage the planet, we damage ourselves’ – Gisele Bundchen, UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

    Since 2009, this former supermodel has been part of the move to save the environment by becoming a goodwill ambassador for the United Nation’s environmental programme.

    She recently wrote of her visit with some endangered species and the message was profound.

    Gisele with a new friend

    Read about her journey and thoughts here

    In her words…

    ‘What is strikingly clear is that nothing short of a radical, global shift in thinking will change this course. When I remind myself how good humans are at taking up a challenge, it gives me the hope I need to take this on. And I am going to ask every one of us to find that source of inspiration to end this crisis.’

    Source: UNEP website


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