Green Business: 5 Ways to Make Money from keeping the Environment Clean


    Some days ago, I was stunned when I saw large number of persons scrambling for the attention of cyber cafe’s operators to no avail. It was not a pleasant sight but it awoken my curiosity, so I decided to ask few questions.

    I was told that different online registrations were on going, the UTME, NYSC and a job registration were on almost at the same time, meaning the categories of persons at the cafe were secondary school leavers, higher institution graduates and the unemployed or the underemployed in our society who were trying out their luck hoping to get a job.

    Recently, the National Bureau of Statistic, NBS, pegged the number of unemployed Nigerians at 11.55 million in the fourth quarter of 2016. The number is high for a country that her economically active population has increased to 105.9 million within the same quarter.  This shows that the jobs are scarce and schools keep producing graduates on a yearly basis or even less.

    Therefore, it is time for the youth to look at what the environment can do for them. It is not enough to keep the environment clean and protected; you can make money from keeping the environment safe. It is time for citizens to invest in Eco-friendly businesses that will create job and also mitigate environmental issues.

    The world is heading towards a new form of business known as Green Business and youths in Nigeria should not be left out of this new money making trend. These businesses will thrive with almost a zero start-up capital in Nigeria.

    Here are the green businesses you can do in Nigeria;

    1. Waste Recycling

    Waste recycling is a way to make money from keeping the environment clean. It is a process of converting refuse materials into new products. This can save raw materials and reduce pollution.

    Waste recycling is Eco-friendly and has become popular in Nigeria. Lots of finished products are gotten from recycling of waste.

    An example of a Nigerian who has done great for herself in the recycling business is Tony Joy, founder of M.A.D initiative. She has successfully created job for herself and many others through recycling of waste. She is somebody you can learn a lot form in this line of green business.

    1. Green Food

    Nigerians are increasingly craving for healthy food and their concern for the safety of food have also increased. Therefore, you can cue into the craving for healthy food by starting a business where you will produce and sell foods that are environmentally friendly.

    Most of the foods we eat are either can or packaged foods produced from industries through the release of greenhouse gases, a break from this will go a long way to reducing climate change and earn you money in the process. Some of the green food you can produce are; Vegetables, fruits, grains, poultry and so on.

    You can also produce and sell homemade juice like kunu and zobo. These local drinks are healthy and environmental friendly. You can generate money from this business on a daily basis as nobody can live without food for long.

    1. Waste Collection and Disposal

    Collection of solid waste and its disposal is another way to make money and also keep the environment clean. Waste collection refers to how waste is collected for transportation to final disposal site, while waste disposal is the final stage of waste management system where waste are taking to a safe deposit site.

    Start by purchasing a carrier, a wheelbarrow, a truck or a van for the purpose of collection and transportation of waste to a disposal site approved by the government or sell plastic waste to a recycling firm. You can go to different houses, offices and factories to register with them and become a waste disposal agent and you get paid for your services.These will generate money and keep the environment clean.

    1. Horticulture

    This is another way to make money from keeping the environment clean. Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, technology, science and business of growing garden plants such as medicinal plants, flower, trees and vegetables and so on.

    According to the President of International Society for Horticulture Science, Prof. Rod Drew, horticulture gives color, flavor and gives all the benefit of balance diet compare to agriculture. It shows how important this business is in the world and to the environment.

    This business requires little or no capital to start, engage yourself in horticulture business and make money to better your life. People will always buy flower, trees, vegetables, etc. These products make life comfortable for human.

    1. Solar Panel Installation

    Solar energy is gradually taking the front role in energy generation and it is better for the environment than fossil fuel because it produces no air or water pollution and generates no greenhouse gasses.

    A lot of homes and businesses are investing in solar energy; therefore, it will be very rewarding to learn how to install the solar panel and become and expert in the installation of solar panel. You can install panels in homes and offices and get rewarded handsomely. This is a way to generate revenue and still help to keep the environment clean.


    The world is tilting towards these various ways of making money, as green business is becoming the darling of businessmen and many entrepreneurs.

    Go GREEN and make money


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