International Women’s Day: Pledge for Parity


    Today. the world over, women are celebrated. It has been so for more than a century since the idea of advancing women’s suffrage through a day to mark women’s enormous contribution to humankind was put forward in 1911.

    International Women’s Day is a day to take stock as well as to appreciate how far the fight for gender equality has come. With this year’s theme “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”, women will be looking at how to ensure the 2030 Agenda – which positions women’s empowerment as at the centre of global sustainability plans – can be concretely achieved over the coming years.


    Although there have undoubtedly been advances for women in society, economics, and politics, there are still many ways in which they are left behind and treated as inferior to men.

    The #PledgeForParity is more important than ever this year. The World Economic Forum released a 2015 report which predicted that the gender pay gap won’t close completely until 2133. That prediction is significantly worse than the World Economic Forum‘s 2014 report, which projected that it would happen by 2095. By pledging for parity, both men and women can work together to make tangible improvements in society — from the boardroom to the classroom to becoming presidents — so that women are equally represented and viewed as equal to their male counterparts.

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    To see the events UNWomen have lined up for the day, click here


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