OSHOGBO COMMUNITY (Lagos, Nigeria)

    Surulere is one of the high-brow areas in heart of Lagos. Garnished with luxury buildings, hotels, eateries, malls, just to mention a few.


    Infact, if you live in Lagos and haven’t heard or visited surulere, you are regarded as one who is yet to arrive.


    Tobiloba, a resident may not give such testimonials of this minicity because he lives in a part which is a far-cry from the picture perfect Surulere.

    Oshogbo an area in this ever bubbling town is one ridden by mosquitoes and all kinds of creeping insects because it is surrounded by rubbish and an unflowing canal filled with nylon bags which harm the soil and block drainages which could results to serious flooding.

    Tobiloba, like other residents make longer journeys when trying to get out of the area due to the road not being ‘motorable’ and this makes it difficult to transport wares to other parts of town especially during rainy season.

    Here the land and environment are constantly under threat so are the residents who may be oblivious of the pollution challenging their existence.

    The canals have become large huge funnels dispensing steady doses of rubbish and nothing has been done to clear them.  Edibles are  smoked near these canals and consumed by residents ignorant of  the health risks.


    Many of the residents desire to grow vegetables at their backyards but the environment is too polluted for anything productive to thrive.

    Recently, the Lagos State government gave a face lift to the National stadium, meters away from this area to commemorate the Lagos @ 50 celebrations but residents of Oshogbo say they want same.

    Applying the norms of good governance should significantly address environmental and land issues. Lagos may be revolutionalized if responsibilities and sresources are decentralized as well as employing civil societies to handle such tasks based on the principle of civil engagement.


    By Emuan Okolie



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