Nepali conservationists track snow leopards with a GPS collar


    Just beyond the remote mountain village of Yangma in the high Himalayas of eastern Nepal, Nepali conservationists fitted a female snow leopard with a GPS collar.

    The collar will allow scientists to track this snow leopard’s movement daily for the next year, which will help us learn more about these mysterious and endangered cats.

    This female becomes the third snow leopard collared near Yangma since 2013, the first two having both been males.

    Locals named this female cat “Lapchhemba” after a revered deity of the mountains who keeps a snow leopard as a pet. As a young adult female, Lapchhemba will be tracked as she explores the Himalayas, establishes her own territory, hunts for food, mates, and eventually become a mother contributing to the perpetuation of her species.

    In this manner, scientists will now get to learn the about the secret life of this snow leopard as she navigates adulthood in a fragile high mountain landscape threatened by both development and climate change.


    Source: Environnews


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