Nigerian artist up-cycles the Christmas story.


    Nigerian artist, Amsa Yaro, has been busy this season recreating the story of the birth of Jesus Christ using cereal boxes, scrap fabrics, sand, paper-clay, skewers, yarn paper and acrylic paint. 

    The pieces are so beautifully created.

    ”The family group pic. I had plans on taking them all out into the snow and commence with a photo spree but Baby Jesus pulled me to the side and asked me if I really wanted him to get missing again…well, here we are with an indoor set-up, some trees I made with tinsel, the angel all perched up and looking fab. I used to have a stable for them but it got stomped on during a move so…maybe next year I will make a whole scene or something.” – Amsa Yaro
    ”The original beard gang. So, I actually lost the hat of the Magi on the right. I made another one…then lost that one. So he is literally rocking his third hat…only him. So now, I think I will just glue down the hats to these guys. I mean, they shouldn’t even have to rock a no hat look in this cold. But look at how they wrapped up those gifts. They know the art of Furoshiki, that’s for sure.”


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