Nigerians Be Careful: See The Reason why you must Stop Eating Catfish Pepper Soup


    Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point & Kill)can be a source of cancer due to its abundance in omega 6 fatty acids.A cardiologist, Dr. Jane Anisulowo, says that farm or home-grown catfish is the worst example in this regard, as it contains more fatty hormones than the ones harvested from natural water.

    Anisulowo says, “Fish is better than meat, no doubt. It digests easily and it contains proteins. However, catfish is not really a good option, especially the ones they sell these days, which are cultivated with hormonal feeds that are filled with steroids and other fattening chemicals just to make them profitable.

    These chemicals are cancerous in nature.“Also, they contain so much oil that you can almost taste it. Fish, generally, contains oil, but catfish has oil in its skin. That is what makes it so oily and unhealthy.

    “It also contains a lot of poly unsaturated fat that does not only make you fat but also settles in the blood stream. That is very dangerous because when blood fails to get to an organ, it fails and suffers paralysis.”“If you can get the one from the river, which is rare in most cities, then you may eat it twice a month. But if the only one you can get is the one that is being reared by farmers, you don’t have to eat at all, or just eat it when it is partially smoked. In that way, some of the fats would have been lost in the process. Better still, there are some other species of fish that are oily but they contain good fats and are more nutritious.”


    1. we can get research to give negative facts about all things . Jesus walked on water because they say he could not swim. people say i swim because i can not walk on water . so pray over your food and avoid overdoing any thing.

    2. This is a generalised and very misleading headline that I would advice readers to take with a pinch of salt. The use of hormonal growth promoter and antibiotics are generally not acceptable and although it is a practice on very small and insignificant number of fish farms, it is not a norm. To suggest that most farmed cat fish is laden with steroids is misguided and misleading.

      Oily fish like sardine, mackerel, salmon and cat fish are also very rich in omega 3, particularly the very long chain PUFA like EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are very important and eating oily fish , and I repeat; oily fish, is the only way to guarantee healthy supply. This is because not all fish are rich in this important PUFAS. I wouldn’t like to put a cap on how many times cat fish can be consumed in a month. But as part of a balanced diet a generous portion of cat fish twice a week can only be good for health.

      • Thanks Doctor, May God bless you. The columnists almost confuses me but thanks God your contribution make a lot of sense not like the latter.

    3. why contradict? health wise do you thing unsaturated fat is more dangerous or saturated? do your research well before feeding people with wrong info

    4. Read Leviticus 11, even the bible made it clear on what we should it and not to eat. The category of catfish is there. God our creator knows what is best for us to eat, HE created them.

    5. Saturated fats are not easily processed by the body because of the way their chemical structure is arranged. On the other hand, unsaturated fats are easily dealt with by the body. Hope you get your facts straight and stop confusing people.

    6. It is imperative for us to know that unsaturated and pufa are good for us more esp bcoz they can not b found in many food sources. The article here is misleading and wrong however I stand to state unequivocally that though catfish is rich in pufa it is still not healthy from two standpoints first bcoz the Bible simply says no….don’t get caught in d defence of d new is God’s injuction no more no less I know some of u folks will say we are in d time of grace …is dat d excuse to break d commandments? Then second is that d disadvantage in consuming it far outweighs it’s advantage. It’s rich in heavy metals a risk factor for cancer and many more…remb there are more healthy sources of protein…stay blessed

    7. I knew it. But smoked fishes also contains Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which is also carcinogenic depending d process.
      We should be selective in what we eat mostly fast foods


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