Saving Ekuri Rainforest from Urbanization in Cross River state


    Spectacular trees reach for the sky in one of the last rainforests in Nigeria. This forest — habitat of chimpanzees and forest elephants and home to the indigenous Ekuri — will soon lose a large amount of its trees for a superhighway.

    Many environmentalists have decried this move by the government of cross river and in particular, the Ekuri people who are not in support of the government’s revocation of their communal land rights to construct the $3.5 billion project.


    Already, logging has started on the Super Highway in the state that is to link Calabar with Benue State. The ground-breaking ceremony which was performed by President Buhari in October 2015 has continued to be met by controversy as until now no Environmental Impact Assessment has been made public.


    Residents of Akamkpa and Obubra local government areas say the highway would obliterate 33,600 hectares of Ekuri forests. Several non government organizations like the Heinrich Boll Stiftung organization have joined in the protest to put a stop to the destruction of this rainforest by rising a petition to stop the construction of the highway.

    You can find more details of the petition and see pictures of Ekuri rainforest’s present state here



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