Solar powered plane lands in Arizona as it tours the world


    We told you about it. It has been named Solar Impulse. Quite apt as it is an airplane fuelled only by the sun.

    For the 10th leg of its quest to fly around the world, Solar Impulse has landed in the US state of Arizona after a 16-hour flight from California.

    The zero fuel plane left Mountain View, California, at dawn on Monday and landed 16 hours later in Goodyear, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona.

    Swiss adventurer Andre Borschberg was at the controls, having taken over from Bertrand Piccard.

    Piccard flew Solar Impulse to the West Coast of the US from Hawaii just over a week ago.

    The team has traversed America before, in 2013. That crossing was undertaken in the prototype predecessor to the current aircraft. But it does mean the weather conditions the Solar Impulse is likely to encounter will be well understood.
    Piccard and Borschberg are aiming to get to New York by the start of June, to begin preparations for the big Atlantic crossing.


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