Widespread Flooding Disaster, in Houston


    A widespread disaster unfolded early Monday morning in the Houston area as torrential, prolonged rainfall came down at rates as high as four inches an hour, flooding waterways at rapid rates and leaving residents trapped in their own homes and vehicles.

    Citizens rescued semi truck driver Ron Bumpus from his rig after he drove into floodwaters near Brookshire, Texas. During a tense live broadcast on The Weather Channel, truck driver Daniel Sieczkarski swam out to the truck, which was submerged up to the door handles, with a rope. Several other citizens hauled Sieczkarski and Bumpus back through the swiftly flowing water.

    Residents were urged by authorities to stay home and off the roads as the flooding worsened, but in some areas, houses were being flooded as well. At one point Monday morning, emergency officials said as many as 60 water rescues were underway simultaneously as rescue workers plucked people from their homes. The National Weather Service in Houston said there were more than 70 subdivisions flooded in the metro area.
    No serious injuries or deaths were reported Monday morning, the Houston Chronicle also reported.

    Before 5:30 a.m. CDT Monday morning, George Bush Intercontinental Airport had already reported 8.85 inches of rain since midnight, the wettest April day on record there. More than 400 flights into and out of the airport were canceled by 10:30 a.m. CDT Monday morning, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware.

    Source by: Cnn


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