World Environment Day: Act Now and Save the World for Generations to come – FADE Africa


    As the world celebrates World Environment Day with a powerful theme meant to improve people’s connection to nature, a statement signed by the management of FADE Africa, urged the rest of the 194 countries, the American states and businesses who still believe in the noble cause of saving the earth to pick up the gauntlet and fulfill their responsibilities for the sake of generations to come, despite the withdrawal of the United States form the Paris Climate Accord.

    According to Dr. Newton Jibunoh who is the founder of FADE Africa, in the statement said that, America’s pulling out of the Paris Accord on June 1, 2017 is President Trump’s mockery of the other 194 countries that have come together in defense of the planet, he laments the fact that a great country like America made Donald Trump their President even when he threatened to do what he did before the election.

    He charged everyone who has the interest of the environment at heart to act now and not to wait for President Trump to neither change his mind nor wait for a new administration to emerge, for both may not happen.

    He also celebrates the belief other Nations have in the sustainability of the Planet Earth. “We see lasting future for our children and generations to come because of what the World has achieved by the Paris Climate Accord”. he said.


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